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Trust and the Internet

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The internet’s unequalled choice, 24/7 convenience and flexibility are benefits that suit people of all ages, wherever they live or work and whatever their circumstances. Others, however, prefer to carry on doing things the traditional, offline way for many reasons, a major one being trust. We’ve all either experienced at first hand or heard about negative experiences including online fraud or abuse which are, unfortunately, all too commonplace.


In order to go online with safety and confidence, it’s important to get to know who and what you can trust … and who and what you can’t. And it’s vital that everybody who uses the internet can do so with safety and confidence – regardless of gender, ability, appearance, background or beliefs – by being able to trust others’ behaviour and behave responsibly themselves.  


For more information about the internet and trust please read our latest advice here: https://www.getsafeonline.org/trust/


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