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Dear Residents,


Child criminal exploitation is when someone uses a child (under 18 years old) to commit crimes for them.


It includes things like forcing a child to work on a cannabis farm, or targeting, grooming, coercing and exploiting a child to sell drugs in county lines operations.


Child criminal exploitation can involve bribery, intimidation, violence and/or threats. The child does not need to have met whoever is exploiting them - children can be exploited via the internet or using mobile phones.


They can also be targeted via social media platforms and gaming forums.


A child may have been exploited even if it looks as if they have been a willing participant. Many young people do not see themselves as victims.


Children can be exploited by individuals or groups, men or women, and adults or young people.


People who exploit children use the fact that they have power over children, because of an age difference or some other factor like gender, intelligence, strength, status or wealth.


Would you be able to spot the signs of child criminal exploitation? 


Children don’t always speak up when they are in trouble, but there are often some clear signs that could indicate they are being exploited. 


The ‘Are you listening’ film hopes to raise awareness of the growing issue of child criminal exploitation and asks people to know the signs and act immediately if they have information or concerns.


Please follow this link for more information.

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