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We have seen an increase in car key burglaries and vehicle thefts across the County over the last few months. Now the nights are longer, here is some advice on how to keep your homes and vehicles safe this winter.


·  Ensure all doors and windows of your home are locked before leaving the house or going to bed

·  Lock your vehicle when leaving it unattended and make sure that all windows and sunroofs are closed

·  To avoid any opportunist burglaries, keep your keys away from any doors or windows and out of sight

·  To prevent your keys from being scanned and aiding any keyless vehicle thefts, keep your keys out of range of your vehicle and purchase a signal-blocking pouch like a faraday pouch

·  Consider using a steering wheel lock

·  Never leave your vehicle unlocked and unattended to de-ice


For more information and advice, please visit the Staffordshire Police website.

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