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Welcome to Staffordshire Smart Alert

Staffordshire Smart Alert allows Staffordshire Police, local authorities, Neighbourhood Watch and other public organisations to keep you informed about issues affecting your local area in a timely way. You will receive localised messages about crime, engagement events, appeals, prevention advice and general policing activity.

Registration is completely free, quick and simple. You can choose which organisations can contact you and what information you'd like to receive. As well as email, you can choose to receive urgent messages by text or voice message. You can also reply and provide feedback through the system, helping to improve our efforts to let you know about topics that matter to you.

So what are you waiting for? Sign-up today.

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Latest Staffordshire Smart Alerts

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Suspicious Incident

Good Evening, We have received reports of a Black Mercedes estate with a yellow beacon on top and mo...

The Police
13/07/2024 21:47:37

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Message icon 6P3

How to contact the police

From a young age we are taught to call 999 if there is an emergency, but do you know when you should...

The Police
13/07/2024 14:14:18

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Message icon 1P2

Stolen van

A Silver Ford Transit was stolen from The George & Dragon Car Park on 12/07/24 just before mid...

The Police
13/07/2024 12:41:06

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Message icon 15P2

Cannabis Farms

Cannabis farms is the term used to refer to commercial or residential premises which are used to gro...

The Police
13/07/2024 10:01:25

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